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PREACHING WITH POWER is an eight week intensive designed to address, encourage and cultivate those who have been called and endowed with the gift of preaching the Gospel. Under the tutelage and instruction of Bishop L. Spenser Smith, each student with gain the vast knowledge of his 30+ years of preaching and teaching the Word of God and his passion of study and maximizing the opportunity to reach souls in a prolific and profound way!

Courses to Include:

  • Building the Right Foundation

  • Contextuality: The Witness of His Word

  • Hermeneutics: Discovering the Intents of God

  • Homiletics: Mastering Your Canvas

  • And many more insights!

Who Can Come?

  • For the experienced

  • For those who are new to the experience

  • For those who are in contemplation

CLASSES ARE HELD EVERY SATURDAY BEGINNING SEPTEMBER 3, 2022 AT 9 A.M. - *Virtual Options Available for Out-of-State Registrants.

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